Sunday, April 20, 2008

Remember the craft

She's Coming up Daisies!

A new name for my crafty blog, and some LONG overdue updates.


What can I say? I blame getting a higher education - it has depleted my crafting time!

I thought I'd post a few things I've made or have been working on. Lately I've been using or Ravelry to post my projects. Fast and fun. Crafster is a great place to get ideas. I love the reconstructed projects especially - ideas on how to re-use stuff to make things you need. Ravelry is such a great site - elegant, and easy to use, which seems to be a rarity in the crafter's online world.

First off, here's a hat (from Christmas!) that I am working on for my nephew. Christmas. ; ) Hopefully it will be big enough! I love the stripes. It's my first color chart project, and has been a great introduction. So much easier than I thought it would be!

This one is a favorite - I'm working on a hot water bottle cozy. It's just beautiful - I'm a huge fan of cables! Hopefully I'll finish before it gets too warm to use the hot water bottle.

Next up! I made a purse with the same gray yarn for my sister Sheila - as a Christmas gift. It didn't turn out as I expected, so I decided to try again - and wanted to make it for a good friend. Long story short - I'm not a fan! This is a picture taken during the process, it's together now, but I don't have a photo. (It is much too ugly, and might break the camera.). I'm attempting to think up a magical way to fix it, but no light bulbs as of yet.

Lastly, I made some earrings at a make-your-own jewelry party. It was great fun...and made me want to make more! The green ones are for me, the others I gifted to a good friend (they weren't funky enough for me - too pretty!).

My crafting will still be sporadic until I'm done with school, but I'm still going! I've been inspired by my sister, a creative fiber and fabric artist, to check out sewing. No progress beyond drooling over books and patterns yet, but I'm optimistic.