Friday, August 31, 2007

Newest project photos

Here's what I've been working on lately --
Hurrah! Photos!

First, pink (I love this color) wrist warmers. Designed by yours truly. They are a little short, but perfect to go under a coat or sweatshirt. I'm going to make a longer pair too. I've included a horrifically dark close-up of the stitch contrast. Gotta love posing in front of the bathroom mirror...

This scarf was my - hurrah! the fall is coming! - project. It's really simple, but such a decadent, deliciously soft yarn. It is long and skinny, and wraps around my neck a couple of times. It's not completely done...I'm debating a couple of finishing touches.

Va Voom! The lovely muppet gauntlet! I'm in love with this yarn! It's the same as the scarf above. It's soft and fuzzy and feels like and indulgence.

One photo of my banana bread. I was sleepy and sickly, and managed to bungle the simple recipe. The result was a bit dry. I think that I stirred it too much, but whatever.

That is the current crafty-excitement!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

No pictures yet, what?!?!

Hello, hello,

Yes, there are not yet pictures up. And that makes me a horrible blogger. Ha! Well, possibly not horrible, just slightly wretched.

I have been working on a few projects (see current projects) and am nearly done with a couple of them. And promise to post lovely photos at some point.

My newest project I found while perusing the Knit the Classics site. I joined yesterday, check it out if you get a chance! Each month there is a new classic to read, and the readers submit projects that go along with the book. Someone wins a little prize every month. Such a great idea!!

Next month is the Bell Jar, which I've read most of, but became depressed and stopped before the end. I'll have to pick it up again. I'm already toying with some project ideas...I was really intruiged by her underwear, but I'm not sure if I could handle knitting up a garter belt. Hmm...Definitely something worthy of looking into!

Last night I toted home a ridiculous amount of decorating books. I have some free time next week, and am hoping to let my creative juices flow, which may result in a beautifully decorated apartment, or not. We'll see.

The tricky part is balancing my frugality and eco-sensitivity with my style sense. I love beautiful things, but I love beautiful free things even better! On the way to work this morning, I picked up a couple of treasures along the roadside, and am having fun debating what to do with them. Love garbage!

My boyfriend tends to prefer blank walls and a lack of furniture, or at least he thinks that he does. I'm guessing that once I have a few things up, he'll appreciate it.

Annnd I'm just going to go with that, instead of not decorate! (Not decorate, ha! As if that's a question.)

My original color scheme was going to be chocolate brown (attempting to accomodate the masculine resident) and teal, with white (because we are, after all apartment dwellers and therefore unable to paint). I had it all planned out, but then changed my mind after thinking about it. Now I'm going for a worldly look, I think that it's more of a joint theme. I'll use maps and prints from around the world. Should be interesting!

Even though I was under the weather (long suffering sigh entered here), I managed to bake some banana bread and fudge cookies. The banana bread is a bit dry, and the fudge my bf said:

"They are like tastless cake."

That's not exactly what I was going for, but hey, it was a new recipe! The dough was really tasty, no eggs (I swear!) either. Mmm...I brought the sad, rejected, and some slightly burnt, cookies into work. Perhaps someone will be desperate enough.

The cookie recipe came from the
Cooking Light cookbook, which I am enjoying. I've kidnapped it from the library, and have been renewing it like crazy. The meals are great, the deserts, only so-so. But really, that's fine, I don't actually need another desert cookbook! The banana bread recipe is from the wonderful new stand-by I've discovered, The Joy of Cooking. It's wonderful!! Just great basic recipes. I haven't used it for much, but have been really happy with the results so far.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I decided that I needed a place to post my crafty projects.

So...Ta da!

Return later for pictures...