Friday, September 21, 2007

Bathing in chocolate frosting

A friend of mine was in need of a chocolate cake. She may not have known, nor vocalized, this need - but she does, need the cake that is.

I used my sister's cupcake recipe (one she adapted from a cake recipe) to make the cake. This time I tweaked it, accidentally, by using some cocoa I bought in Costa Rica. Some of it had hardened, so I spent ages picking out the hard bits, and then realized that I was a little short for the frosting recipe. So! Being the resourceful (but not necessarily in a good way) baker, I melted two wedges of Trader Joe's semisweet chocolate into the frosting mix. It turned out less dark, and sweeter than last time. Not my favorite, but the first taste tester approved...

The cake looks beautiful. Once the frosting stops being so darn goopy, it hardens nicely, and covers all those - oops, I stabbed the cake - bits.

I dipped some strawberries in the frosting, and then refrigerated them. I went back and forth on the sized, but ended up quartering them, and placing them on the cake after a powdered sugar dusting (what? another teaspoon of sugar is going to make it too sweet? ha!). The wedges are the same as the ones that went in the frosting. They aren't too rich, about 70% cocao...

Now for the pictures:

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Austin Chick said...

oooooooooh... I know you posted this ages ago, but I like to look at this cake and just drool.