Friday, September 7, 2007

Craftyness, it's all relative

My sister has been hooking me up with all sorts of crafty advice and gifts lately. She sent me a housewarming gift recently, and I have to share.

I mentioned that the new place could use some candles, so she managed to send me a bundle of cool colors and scents. Hurrah! They are now throughout our place, but here's a picture of the group.

She also sent me a couple of old records, two of my favorites from when we were growing up (and yes, I still do love Barbara Streisand's Christmas album). The frames are from Urban Outfitters. She knew that I had a lot of wall and a little creativity, so these will be my first wall decorations.

And the coolest knitting needle toppers ever!! Now I can knit in style (while raising eyebrows)!

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Anonymous said...

soooo glad you liked the stuff... Jesus and Buddha never looked happier.


- Mil