Friday, September 7, 2007

Yummy Cupcakes!

My sister sent me a recipe for chocolate cupcakes, and I decided to make them for labor day weekend. They were so good! The frosting was amazing, and the cupcakes were very moist, very cake-like. I topped them with a piece of Green&Blacks Organic Chocolate, Maya Gold - which is the orange flavor of dark chocolate. So good.

Here they are, right after being frosted. The frosting was really goopy, and made a huge mess. They sat overnight, and the frosting solidified. I was able to transport them in tupperware, although it got a little messy once the day heated up. They still tasted amazing!!

A close-up of the finished cupcake (because yes, I am a nerd).


Lemonhoney said...

They look so good!!!

Anonymous said...

aww... you did an amazing job! I bet everyone loved them!!!

- molly :o)